How do I use RESCUE® products?

Each serving of a RESCUE product contains 4 drops of the original mix of five Bach™ Original Flower Remedies. Additional doses can be taken as often as required according to instructions on pack.

As there are a range of RESCUE products and each has its own usage instructions so please refer to the pack or see more around the different formats here.

The full range of RESCUE products has been designed for people with hectic lifestyles. Don’t let things get on top of you, take a moment out with your favourite RESCUE product, and try some of our favourite relaxation techniques to help you stay calm and collected throughout your busy day. 

Can I mix RESCUE REMEDY® and the Bach™ Original Flower Remedies?

You can add one or two Bach Original Flower Remedies to the core RESCUE REMEDY® formula and tailor it to your individual needs...

Are your flowers from the Bach Centre?

RESCUE® Remedy and Bach Original Flower Remedies are the only brands that use plants from the original gardens of Dr Edward Bach at Mount Vernon, Oxfordshire.

How can I be sure I'm buying genuine RESCUE® products?

Always look for the unique Bach™ Original Flower Remedies signature...