How do you keep on top of your busy day?

In a world where everything can be so hectic, it’s important to take a moment ‘pause’ and reflect before continuing your day.

Our new campaign looks at empowering calm into your busy life through poetry.

Read the full campaign poem below and watch our latest video above: 

Morning birds, alarm tones

Tangled bedsheets
Fresh fruit tumbled over oats
Pause. Inhale the new day, exhale the old.

Check the clock - can’t be late.
A queue, a bus.
A queue, a train.
The wait.
A crowd: Shirts, three kids, more shirts, a tourist, a stranger’s phone call.
Pause. Through the window, watching random patterns like random thoughts.

Office coffee.
Sip, read, nod.
Deadlines, meetings, talks.
That ticking pen.
Sitting next to
The restless leg.
Unread emails and notes.
A note to yourself:

Back on the bus
Twelve, eight, five stops till home.
Lost in your phone
Another like, just one more swipe, scroll some more
Turning to silent mode to mute it all would be so… (sigh)

The evening longs to make it yours.
And yet in bed
It’s hard to switch off
Hour by hour, you’ve taken a lot.

Relax, refresh
Mind and body first.
And pause:

Soft cotton pillows all around,
Foxes meander in the moonlight.
With your eyes closed, inhale the night.
Gently, the sun enters through the curtains once more.
Morning birds, alarm tones,
In your own time and way, inhale the new day.

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