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Rosanna Davison's Top Tips For Embracing Seasonal Change

As summer becomes a distant memory, we may start to notice a lot of change around us. The fresh green leaves we have become accustomed to, are enveloped in autumnal brassiness. The relaxed days of summer are replaced with increased structure and routine and I am sure we have all been caught in the heavier rush hour traffic at this stage. It may take us some time to adjust and get back into the swing of things

Autumn is a season which provides an abundance of produce. Eating seasonally can actually really help our bodies enjoy nutrients that are required at the time. For example, there are many root vegetables coming into season now which are rich in Vitamin C, phytonutrients and fibre, a great support to our bodies and immune health as we move into the cooler months. Batch cook nourishing stews or soups and enjoy the extra free time in the evenings. Pop to your local farmers market if you can and enjoy the browse!

Make sure to carve out some time for exercise each day. Even a short burst will help to increase serotonin levels and lead to a better mood and more restful sleep. Spending time in nature can be great for the soul, so aim to arrange a walk with family or friends and enjoy some fresh air together or even alone to unwind after a long day.

Prioritise sleep. There are a range of life factors which can impact our sleep routine from an overreactive mind after a busy day, trying to get the kids organised or catching up with housework. The list can feel endless and we can end up lying in bed with our minds racing. It’s not always possible of course, but trying to keep a consistent unwinding routine and discipline around bedtime can help to settle you for sleep. Simple steps like making a conscious effort to switch off screens a couple of hours before bed and leaving time for something simple like light reading or listening to music will make all the difference! If you are having a particularly hectic day, write down a list of the jobs you haven’t got to and leave them for the following day. A simple step that can help you feel more organised and in control which in turn can help you switch off.

Embrace a hobby. Be it baking, knitting, crafting, yoga allocating time for something we enjoy and requires focus can be brilliant for mindfulness. As the days start to get shorter, a project can be a great way to spend the evenings. Try to encourage some friends to get involved and start a book club to keep a social aspect to it.

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