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Tips to enjoy your outdoor holiday this summer

This holiday season might not quite be what we were all expecting, and we’re probably all going to be staying closer to home. And whether you have kids or not, you’ll be looking for some inventive ways to take a fun, relaxing and/or adventurous holiday. So, here are a few top tips on how you can make your summer holiday what you want it to be while staying close to home.


We don’t know about you, but camping tends to fill us with excitement and fear in equal parts; freezing nights and boiling mornings in tents, a procession of boiled pasta and tinned food, and a conveyor belt of dirty clothes and wet wipes. But there are ways to make it fun – we promise. 

First of all, make sure you do your research before you head out on holiday. You will want to make sure you pick your location according to what you want from your break. If you’re looking for adventure, you might want to scout out wild camping spots; if you’re looking to relax, pick an up-market camping site (many have swimming pools and glamping on offer); or if you’re looking for a quick weekend getaway without the kids, head for a party-centric site where you won’t disturb your neighbours.

Secondly, you need to pack your essentials according to where you are going, what you are planning to do and what the weather will be like. If rain is on the cards, make sure you bring waterproofs and wellies. If sunshine is possible, bring hats and sun cream. And if it’s going to be cold, make sure you have layers. In any case, your essentials will need to include wet wipes (and plenty of them if kids are involved!), cutlery and cooking equipment, torches, and a medical kit for any (hopefully non-) emergencies. There are a few real deal breakers for making the trip comfortable: a big tent for everyone to easily fit in, some warm sleeping bags, and blow up mattresses or thick sleeping mats. 

Finally, you will need to add the fun bits; speakers, marshmallows, games, beverages, paddling pool, BBQ equipment, coolers, and anything else you deem fun (queue: gin and tonics, boxed wine and tequila slammers).

Caravan or trailer holidays

Much like camping, finding the right spot for your caravan or trailer holiday depends on what you’re looking for. First of all, choose whether you want a moving or static caravan or trailer. A moving one will give you the freedom to move around the area, visiting different spots and lend itself to the more adventurous and energetic. Ones that are static will allow you to kick back, relax and enjoy a more restful holiday in one place.

Either way, you’ll need to choose where you want to go: seaside, countryside or a bit of both? If the kids are in tow, you will want to pick a spot where you have enough activities and space for them to enjoy and give everyone some space while they do. 

Beach holidays

Beach holidays are probably the most popular summer breaks going. So, it’s important to pick the right spot. If you’re not a fan of busy beaches and would rather a secluded and relaxing break, you will need to put in the research. Although they exist in abundance, the secret beaches are the least talked about. An easy way to find them is to hop in your car and go on a driving adventure, stopping off at those you like the look of.

However, if you’re after the ease of a popular beach with its many restaurants, public toilets for the kids, and pre-organised deck chairs, rent a house or apartment and create your own home-away-from-home. 

For your beach holiday, remember to pack the essentials: numerous swimming costumes for each person coming, loads of sun cream, parasols, sandcastle building equipment, beach games, and a wet-weather waterproof just in case. 

Park days

Are you considering a staycation this summer, rather than a destination holiday? Many of us probably are. Although we’ve given you a guide to enjoying your staycation in full, there are a few essentials you will need for you regular park visits. 

Try to plan a different activity each time you go to the park and get the little ones involved by asking them to brainstorm some ideas. A few to get your started are themed picnics, treasure hunts, play dates, relaxing reading visits, BBQs (if parks that permit them), and the hotly anticipated sports days. 

There’s really only one rule with your park days: make sure you’ve packing spare food, drink and sun cream. No matter where you live and whatever the climate, the sun can get the better of all of us.