Rescue Remedy 10mL carton and dropper bottle | Trusted worldwide for generations

Rescue Remedy® Dropper

The original Rescue Remedy® formula, unchanged for 80+ years. More sizes available.

Rescue Remedy Spray, 20mL size, showing carton and spray bottle without cap on

Rescue Remedy® Spray

Our heritage format, Rescue Remedy® Spray is convenient and portable.

Rescue Remedy for kids, 10mL size, showing carton and spray bottle

Rescue Remedy® Kids

The original Rescue Remedy® in a child-safe dropper formula.

Rescue Remedy Pet 10mL carton and dropper bottle | Veterinary health product

Rescue® Pet

Rescue® Pet is a pet-friendly, alcohol-free formula.

Rescue Pastilles tin, showing Black Currant Flavour / Saveur De Cassis

Rescue® Pastilles

Our popular and delicious Rescue® Pastille in a click-shut tin. More flavours available.

Rescue Cream carton and tube, helps soothe and relieve dry skin

Rescue Cream®

Rescue Cream®, a soothing moisturiser for stressed skin made with 6 flower essences.

Rescue Night Spray, 20mL size, showing carton and spray bottle without cap on

Rescue® Night Spray

A convenient spray with the Rescue® Night formula.

Rescue Night Liquid Melts, dissolve on your tongue prior to retiring

Rescue® Night Liquid Melts

Rescue® Night Liquid Melts, our Rescue® Night formula in a quick-dissolving gel capsule.

Rescue Plus mixed berry lozenge showing wrapped and unwrapped lozenge | Flower essence remedy with vitamins B5 and B12

Rescue Plus® Lozenge

Sucrose-free liquid centre lozenges with Rescue Remedy® plus Vitamins B5 and B12.