Are you a retailer looking for help understanding Rescue® brand products? We offer free online training, tailored to you!

Tailored To The Needs Of Your Store

Please use the sign-up form below! We offer free online training classes for retail employees and store owners, tailored to you and your store. Learn about popular brands made by Nelsons and how to talk with your customers.

Information typically covered in a class may include:

  • Rescue Remedy® and how to use it
  • Bach® flower remedies and how to use them
  • Differences between our flower essences and dietary supplements
  • How Dr. Bach’s essences are made
  • How to find the right remedies for your customers*
  • Answers to customers’ frequently asked questions

About The Facilitator

All classes are taught by Denise Eaton, BFRP, BFRAP, a Bach® Foundation Registered Practitioner and Animal Practitioner. In her 20+ years with Nelsons, Denise has educated 10,000+ people across the USA and Canada on the Bach® flower system.