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12 Activities Proven To Boost Your Mood

By The Rescue® Team

Looking for a pick-me-up? Something to help you feel good and add a dose of positivity to your world? Try these 12 activities proven to help you feel happier. Whether it's by releasing feel-good hormones or reducing stress hormones, these brain hacks can help you enjoy some moments of joy.


Interact positively with strangers

Did you know that even just a glance of eye contact from a passerby can help you feel more socially connected? Or that smiling at your barista and having a brief chat can help you feel more positive? Studies show that when we do positively engage with strangers, it is often a less awkward experience than anticipated, and fostering more positive experiences with other humans can help you feel happier and combat loneliness. 


Cook and enjoy a healthy meal

Cooking can be a great way to stimulate your brain and work with your hands, which can bring a sense of satisfaction that boosts your mood. Learning something new can also help you feel happier, so trying new recipes can be a great mood booster. Aim to learn a new healthy meal to excite your senses and nourish your body.


Allow yourself some instant gratification

A study from the University of Zurich found that balancing long-term goals and short-term pleasures contributes to a happy life. Balance being the key word, it's not always healthy to opt for short-term pleasure every time, but occasionally allowing yourself indulgences, like dedicating an afternoon to your favourite TV show, can boost your mood overall.


Hug a loved one or a pet

Gentle pressure on the body can help relieve stress, and being close to a loved one (whether human or animal) can release feel-good hormones. Hug it out for a quick mood boost!


Watch a cat video

Yep! Call it self-care! A survey showed that watching cat videos can make you feel more energetic and positive.


Chew gum

Now, choose your time and place here, as working away at some gum isn't always polite. But chewing gum can reduce the stress hormone cortisol.


Spend time in nature 

Nature offers all sorts of natural mood boosters.

  • Time in the sun can boost your vitamin D, which can make you feel happier.
  • Some soils may have friendly bacteria that interact with the brain in a similar way to antidepressants. 
  • The colour green can help you feel happy.
  • Hearing birdsong can boost well-being.
  • It removes you from potential sources of stress, such as social media.


Write down what you're grateful for 

Listing what you're grateful for can improve your mental health and increase happiness. Bonus points if you handwrite a gratitude list!


Declutter your space 

Did you know that the human mind naturally prefers symmetry and order? Decluttering your space can help you focus and reduce stress.


Touch something soft

The tactile experience of feeling something soft can create a pleasant state of mind. This may be linked to the soft embrace mammals (like humans) receive from their caregivers when young and especially when vulnerable, i.e. sick, cold or scared. A soft sensation can help you feel safe.


Visualise your best possible self 

We're not talking manifestation here – visualising your best possible self has been proven to boost optimism. Picture a happy, healthy you for five minutes a day, and you might become that happier version of yourself.


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