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5 Healthy Habits You Can Start Tomorrow

By The Rescue® Team

What if we told you you could wake up tomorrow and start a healthier life? Read on for some habits that could help you sleep better and feel more balanced and energised throughout the day; some you can start tomorrow, some you can try right now!

Don’t hit snooze

Starting tomorrow morning, don’t hit the snooze button. Instead, set your alarm for a time you think you can realistically get up. You might want to try this on the weekend, or a day where you don’t have to be somewhere by a certain time (in case you fall back asleep!) but here’s why you should work toward a no-snooze wake up…

You can train your body into learning to feel sleepy and to wake up at certain times. Your body will have a natural rhythm that it likes to follow, and this cycle can be different for everyone, but you can teach your body what to expect with a consistent routine. If part of your routine is hitting snooze and going back to sleep when you first wake up, your body will learn to expect this. Once you’ve been snoozing consistently for a while, you will likely feel groggy every time you wake up as you’re counting on that extra snooze time.

This adjustment may be tricky, but eventually you’ll likely start each day more energised once you’re in the habit of waking up with your first alarm. Sleeping for the same amount of hours each night and waking up at the same time each morning will make this easier.

Have protein at breakfast

Starting the day with breakfast sets up your metabolism to release energy throughout the day, helping you avoid that afternoon crash. Including protein in your breakfast can help sustain this energy and fuel you for the day. Protein-rich snacks are a good way to keep your energy up throughout the day; try nuts and cheese if you can.

If you’ve got oats, yoghurt, nut butter, eggs or another protein-rich food at home already, try it for breakfast tomorrow. If not, you can write a shopping list to set yourself up. If you don’t have time to make breakfast in the morning, overnight oats are a great way to have a quick protein-rich breakfast ready to go.

Incidental exercise 

Tomorrow might not be the day you sign up for that gym membership, but maybe you can include a 5-minute walk break into your lunchtime. Incidental exercise is a great way to include movement organically throughout your day. This means choosing the more active option when it’s available, like taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or parking your car further away from your destination to walk part of the way. 


Breathing isn’t so much a habit as it is something you need to do to, you know, live. But, you can make a habit out of focusing on your breathing to help stay calm and grounded. Take a big breath in for four seconds and let it out for four seconds. Focus on how the breath feels moving through your body. Release any tension you discover as you breathe. A mindful moment is always available to you. 

Book time with loved ones

Did you know that anticipation for the future can have positive effects on your well-being? Having something to look forward to can support your mental health, and keep you feeling positive. Planning to see your loved ones can also help maintain close relationships, which has been proven to improve our mental health, happiness and well-being overall.

Support yourself with RESCUE Remedy® through times of adjustment 

As you try to build new habits, you might be met with feelings of frustration or stress as you readapt. RESCUE Remedy® can offer support as you break bad habits too. Reach for RESCUE Remedy® in times of emotional demand to help maintain your natural balance and rise to each challenge. Try RESCUE Sleep® to help switch off at night for better rest to start each day as your best self.