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When The Holidays Aren't So Happy

By The Rescue® Team

With the end of the year approaching, many Australians will be preparing for various types of celebrations; no matter how you spend your December, it's often a significant time of year that brings excitement, joy, stress and pressure all at once. 

December means Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year's Eve, school wrap-ups, work Christmas parties – all sorts of plans and commitments, things to look forward to, responsibilities, opportunities... With the social understanding of December as a happy albeit busy time, it's normal to feel a bit of pressure to 'keep up' with expectations. It's important to remember to take care of yourself and prioritise your well-being amidst that end-of-year hustle. 

You may be aiming to create the very-est merriest Christmas for your children. Or perhaps you're spending it with your partner, chosen family or family. Perhaps you'll be on your own, at your desk. Maybe you'll be on a Zoom call with loved ones, or maybe you'll be taking some quiet time to reminisce about someone you wish you could be with this year. December can be a very happy time, and it can also be overwhelming or challenging, even for the same person during the same day. 

Get yourself a gift this year – the gift of a few more calm moments throughout the holiday season. Relaxation for you might come packaged in lots of different ways. 

Maybe you'd like to save some stress (and dollars) and request a hand-made gift exchange or skip giving presents altogether to share a meal. Maybe your idea of Christmas day well spent is to be at home with the kids watching a movie by 6 pm; why not let your extended family know this truth and duck home from lunch a little bit early? Or maybe you've been looking forward to watching the sun come up, knowing you have the whole next day to take it slow. Whether your holidays will be go-go-go or a bit more slow, listening to your body and seeking some natural stress relief in times of emotional demand can help you get through the day feeling that little bit more relaxed.

Natural stress relief can include:

  • Breathing exercises
  • Mindfulness or meditation
  • Focusing on a healthy diet during stressful periods
  • Enjoying some treats in moderation
  • Exercise
  • Prioritising rest and sleep
  • Speaking to loved ones 
  • Bach™ original flower essences in RESCUE Remedy®

Safe for the whole family, the RESCUE Remedy® little yellow bottle (or the convenient pastille tin) can make a great stocking-stuffer or a gift that says 'I'm here to help you look out for yourself.' 

Quiet some of that mental activity so you can welcome your best self, whether you're focused on family, work or something else important to you this December. This is a joyous time of year, but sometimes the holidays aren't so happy – if you feel that way, that's okay. You can reach out for support to a trusted person or a professional if you feel like someone walking in the wrong direction into a crowd of smiling faces. 

It can be easy to get lost in what we feel are our duties to the people who depend on us during this time of year. Keep in mind that the better you feel, the more support you can offer to those around you. Look after yourself so you can be present and create that memorable Christmas for the kids or knock out that important end-of-year report. Taking breaks is part of being productive, so when it all feels like a bit much, it's okay to take a step back for a moment, assess what you need and what you are grateful for. 

For a more balanced end to the year for the whole family, try doing what feels right this year, rather than what you 'should do'. Reach for RESCUE Remedy® for a helping hand through those tense moments, and have – in whatever way it means for you – a very merry end of the year.