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Celebrating Best Friends

By The Rescue® Team

Humans are social creatures, and from evolutionary reasons to the desire to tag your friend in a meme that reminds you of them, we’re often better when we’re together. Reflecting on the relationships in our lives is important – are they enjoyable, draining, challenging, easy, hard? 

Devoting energy to positive relationships and pulling back from negative dynamics can improve your well-being. In honour of National Best Friends Day approaching on Wednesday 8 June, this is an ode to one of the most important of those positive relationships. 

What is a best friend?

A best friend can be an anchoring relationship throughout your life, from school-yard promises to be BFFs forever to offers of being their maid of honour or best man, godparent to their kids, or long-term confidant and source of trust, laughs and connection. 

Maybe you are still friends with that childhood pal you sat with every recess. Perhaps your best friend is a family member, or perhaps they’re your dog who listens to all your wins and woes and is always happy to see you. Your best friend could be your partner or a colleague, or yourself. Whoever is attached to this title in your mind, we hope you can take some time to check in with them this week.

We’re talking about best friends because at RESCUE Remedy®, we’re all about support, balance and well-being. Those closest to you can be someone to lean on, and there come times for everyone when you could use a shoulder to cry on, a tough-love shake out of it, or a trusted sounding board. The people who do that for you may not be people you see all the time, but that person you trust above all else is so valuable, and actively appreciating them can strengthen your connection. 

Ways to celebrate National Best Friends Day

When Wednesday 8 June rolls around (or any other time the urge strikes), try to reach out to your best friends and loved ones and let them know you’re thinking of them. Not all best friends can easily be in the same place, so here are our suggestions for best mates near and far to celebrate your relationship:

  • A classic phone call catch-up
  • Watch the same movie or TV show while video chatting and share your reactions
  • Read the same book or start the same podcast or TV show at the same time and chat about it each week
  • Cook the same meal if you’re far apart and eat it together over video chat
  • Have a dinner date in-person
  • Share a picnic
  • You might know nearly everything about this person, but take some time to ask them about things you’d like to learn more about
  • Take your relationship offline and start sending letters back and forth
  • Start an exercise challenge together
  • Try a new class or skill, whether you’re attending together or both learning the same thing from a distance

We wish you and your favourite people many more chances to connect, raise each other up and make memories