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All About Flower Remedies

By The Rescue® Team

Dr Edward Bach’s feet grew weary as he walked the Oxfordshire countryside, but curiosity kept him moving forward, eyes scanning each tree, bush and plant. 

He knew the flowers and plants he would discover could hold healing properties to help countless people reconnect with their best selves and enjoy more focus and calm. So he walked, and he searched, and he studied these flowers throughout the 1930s.

By 1935, Dr Bach had discovered 38 flower essences to counteract 38 corresponding negative states of mind. These natural remedies provided emotional support through growingly hectic modern lifestyles and would continue to do so in the 21st century.

Dr Bach would personally deliver his essences to Nelsons pharmacy in London. To this day, Nelsons continues to distil and bottle Bach™ flower essences and RESCUE Remedy® according to Dr Bach’s original methods. 

So, which flower essences work to make RESCUE Remedy® natural stress relief and RESCUE Sleep®?

For natural support though times of emotional demand, RESCUE Remedy® helps to restore inner balance and calm using these five flower essences:

Rock Rose for Fearlessness

Traditionally used to support presence of mind and courage, Rock Rose can help you overcome fear and embrace confronting situations.

Impatiens for Patience

Approach thoughts and actions with less hastiness and more patience with Impatiens. You can’t always control your circumstance, but you can control how you respond to irritating situations, and RESCUE Remedy® supports resilience and calm.

Clematis for Focus

The positive potential of Clematis is the ability to take a lively interest in your current environment. Stay present and grounded in a more relaxed reality.

Star of Bethlehem for Comfort

Star of Bethlehem can enhance our ability to be strong, helping us rise above shock and overwhelming experiences.

Cherry Plum for Composure

Traditionally used to support rational thinking, Cherry Plum can help keep a serene mind. A scattered mind can lead to scattered actions, and RESCUE Remedy® can help bring you back to your centre.

RESCUE Sleep® uses the same formula, with added White Chestnut. White Chestnut helps relax an overactive mind and quiet those unwanted thoughts that can make it hard to switch off and fall asleep.

You can take RESCUE Remedy and RESCUE Sleep each day and night. The naturally restorative blends can help you tackle the day and turn off at night – safe for the whole family, for short or long periods, with no risk of dependency or side effects.