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Readjusting As Your Kids Get Back To School

By The Rescue® Team

It's looking like 2022 will continue to see kids moving away from online learning and back to in-person schooling. This could mean a few different things for you as a parent, depending on what you do during weekdays.

If you're a stay-at-home parent, your home landscape is going to be a whole lot different during this school term. You may find yourself missing your child's presence around the home and thinking fondly of that extra time you'd been able to spend together. You may, at the same time, be grateful for a bit of extra time without that background-zoom-session noise and the stress of being your child's guide through subjects and work with which you may not be overly familiar.

If you're a working parent and still working from home yourself, you may find the hours between 10am and 2am infinitely more productive without the extra activity of your child's homeschooling running alongside your work hours. You may need to organise some flexible hours around drop off and pick up time or rely on a partner, family member or friend to help out. Of course, this may be something you've navigated before over the last couple of years and prior.

This period of adjustment may represent newfound freedom as well as a new and potentially challenging schedule for your family as a whole. Here are our tips for supporting the family through this back-to-school season:

  • Work with your sleep schedule. Meaning, if you're a morning person, you might be fine preparing packed lunches and getting yourself ready in the morning. But if you're a night person, take advantage of your body's rhythm and do as much prep the night before as you can.

This could look like prepping ingredients to throw together a lunch box or laying out your outfit so you don't have to think about clothes while bleary-eyed the next day.

  • Prioritise rest for the whole family. Coming out of school holidays, your kids may be saying goodbye to later nights and longer sleep-ins. Encourage a reduction of screen time in the hour or so leading up to bed time. Writing, reading, meditating or stretching are great alternatives. Also, information is encoded into our long term memory better if we sleep after learning, so before bed is a great time to go over those study notes.


  • If you’re in need of a little more support when it comes to winding down, RESCUE® Sleep can help the whole family over two years old switch off at night. Using natural Bach™ flower essences and white chestnut, this soothing spray helps calm mental overactivity at night time and guide you toward deeper rest. This can become a part of your whole family's routine each night.


  • Minimise forgotten lunches, left-behind-but-due-today school projects and forgetting that one book you've been meaning to return to a co-worker with: the Keys Trick. Leave your keys next to the thing you need, or a prompt for the thing you need (for example, on top of a cooler bag to remind you to grab the cold food from the fridge).


  • Transitions and adjustments can be straining times. While there's a lot to look forward to and be happy about with your child back in school, it may come as a shock to the system after the holidays. When you find yourself in times of emotional demand, RESCUE® Remedy offers a helping hand in restoring inner balance with a calming and restorative blend of Bach™ flower remedies. It's safe to use RESCUE Remedy each day and RESCUE Sleep each night, with no risk of dependency – just natural stress relief and sleep aid. 


We're reminded of how wonderful it is that most Aussie kids have access to education. While the early mornings and uniform-ironing and helping with homework can take time out of your day, it's all part of your family unit working together to support one another. We hope you're looking forward to helping your child through this next school year, whether it's primary school, early high school or VCE.

Good luck!