An Open Letter To Stressed Leaders

By The Rescue® Team

Dear Leaders,

We understand you can take on all sorts of roles – a manager, a CEO, a parent, that organised friend that makes sure we get to the restaurant on time, and sometimes even one that knows it’s their time to follow someone else’s guidance toward a team goal.  

Leaders aren’t always in a suit with briefcase in hand, though they definitely can be. Leaders are people that others turn to for inspiration, support, guidance and motivation. They’re driven, responsible, efficient – and often, they have a whole lot on their plate. 

People in leadership roles, whether in a personal or professional position, can be quite prone to stress. The responsibility of not only their own success but also the wellbeing of those that look to them, can be a rewarding yet weighty load to carry.  

While many leaders are go-go-go, sometimes it’s important to stop. Stopping is often the first thing to be sacrificed amidst a busy schedule. The guilt of “doing nothing” or the anxiety of what you “should be doing” may be enough to prevent you from taking a break, or to be distracted and stressed when attempting to do so.

Part of being a successful leader is maintaining balance in your life. And while it may feel like the world is going to end if you take a day (or 15 minutes) off, your overall productivity can increase if you are rested and calm. Not to mention – you deserve a break.

If you’re struggling to take some time for yourself, or feeling stressed or ashamed of “doing nothing”, try changing your language around downtime. You can switch the perception of “doing nothing” for phrases that celebrate balance, such as:


“I look forward to achieving my next goal once I’ve recharged.”

“I’m demonstrating balance to those who look up to me.”

“I’m finding the quiet I deserve in a loud and busy lifestyle.”

“I’m taking time to rest.”

“I’m enjoying the next little while as it comes.”

“I’m spending some time with myself.”


Balance doesn’t come easily to everyone, and especially those with the personality type of a leader may struggle with prioritising those slower, more mindful moments amidst a hectic schedule. 

Try incorporating simple, quick habits into your routine. For example, you could use your time sitting in the car waiting for your child at school pick-up to calm your nervous system by gathering sensory information; list things you can see, hear, smell, taste and touch and check in with your senses and surroundings. Or, while it’s your turn to listen during a work-meeting, take some slow, deep breaths and check in with your body for any tense areas you could release.  

In busy moments, RESCUE Remedy® can help empower your inner calm. With options of a chewable pastille, a spray or a dropper, RESCUE Remedy® is a discreet way to help you find your way back to a more balanced you with naturally calming Bach® Flower Remedies. 

Incorporate mindfulness, downtime and breathing into your daily routine to be a more balanced and productive leader. The leadership role you play is important in other’s lives, whether it’s your children, employees, family, friends or colleagues; you’re also a role model for these people and probably wish them a healthy, happy and balanced life too, so do your best to display this for their sake, and yours! 

So, dear leader, we commend you on all you do for others, and urge you to do this for yourself – allow yourself time to stop, reflect and find your inner calm.