Carly Rowena

Personal Trainer & Fitness Blogger

Dear Carly, 

We are going to go through some incredible times together, extreme highs, lows, sweaty moments, tears of pain and happiness but this letter is to show you that everything will work out perfectly. 
We’ve just climbed Kilimanjaro, something I told myself for years that I wouldn’t be able to do, I mean let’s be honest I have to take Rescue Remedy® just to stop me from shaking as I sit into my seat on the plane but we’re going to do it, together. Something I’ve learned about life is that almost anything is possible if you have the right tools around you, firstly mindset - it’s taken me years to figure out how to tell my brain to stop bullying me but step by step you can change your thought process and turn any moment of fear / pain / anxiety into an absolute girl boss moment just by remembering to breathe, not a shallow breathe but one that really counts, right from the pit of your stomach.

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Secondly comfort, the things you need to make you feel in control, obviously I couldn’t take my husband or Steven my dog with me as I climbed to the top, but I could take my rose quartz crystal that my mum gave me and my Rescue Remedy, two things that make me feel safe and in control and you know what, we made it to the top and those tears? They’re happy ones! 

Carly x