Rescue Plus® products feature dietary functional ingredients like L-Theanine, B5, B12 or Melatonin to help promote wellness day and night.

Rescue Plus Sleep Gummies | 5mg Melatonin | Strawberry & other natural flavors

Rescue Plus® Sleep Gummy

DIETARY SUPPLEMENT | Fall asleep & wake up refreshed with Rescue Plus® Sleep Gummy, with Melatonin.

Rescue Plus Mood and Stress Gummies | Passionflower, GABA, Saffron, Vitamin D | Orange Flavor

Rescue Plus® Mood & Stress Support Gummy

DIETARY SUPPLEMENT | NEW! Support a sense of calm with key botanicals & nutrients.

Rescue Plus Sleep and Stress Gummies | Melatonin, Ashwagandha, Lavender, Chamomile, Vitamin B6 | Blueberry Flavor

Rescue Plus® Sleep & Stress Support Gummy

DIETARY SUPPLEMENT | NEW! Support relaxation & restful sleep with key botanicals & nutrients.

Rescue Plus mixed berry lozenge showing wrapped and unwrapped lozenge | Stress complex with vitamins B5 and B12

Rescue Plus® Lozenge

DIETARY SUPPLEMENT | Rescue Plus® Lozenge stress complex with B Vitamins. More flavors available.

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Rescue Plus® Gum

DIETARY SUPPLEMENT | Soothe tension with our L-Theanine & Vitamin B5 fresh mint gum.

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Stay switched on during hectic days & wake up refreshed in the morning with our line of dietary supplements.** Learn about our stress relief gum with L-Theanine & vitamin B5, lozenges with B vitamins, NEW Mood gummies with saffron, GABA, passionflower & vitamin D, & our Sleep gummies with melatonin.