Can I take RESCUE® products with other medicines?

You should always speak to your healthcare practitioner before introducing any new drug or supplement into your daily regime, especially if you are taking any other medicines or have a medical condition...

RESCUE®* products contain a blend of five natural BACH® ORIGINAL FLOWER REMEDIES* is generally safe for people of all ages. However, as with all drugs and supplements, we recommend that you speak to your doctor before taking any RESCUE® product, especially if you are taking any other medications or have a pre-existing medical condition.

The original RESCUE REMEDY® DROPPER and SPRAY both contain alcohol, which can interfere with some medications. However, we also offer a wide variety of alcohol-free products including RESCUE® PASTILLES and RESCUE® PEARLS, as well as our RESCUE PLUS™** line of dietary supplements.

You can read about our full range of RESCUE® products here to find the right one for you.