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Exam Tips by Rosanna Davison

With exams just around the corner, it may all be starting to feel a bit much! No matter how long you are out of school, I don’t think you ever forget the build-up to your leaving cert. The weather always seems to be nice; summer holidays seem so far away and maybe there is even some uncertainty bubbling under the surface about the thoughts of leaving secondary school.  RESCUE Remedy® brand ambassador Rosanna Davison shares her top tips to cope with exam season.

Healthy body = Healthy mind: It may feel like there simply are not enough hours in the day, trust me you are not alone with this feeling! When studying, allocating time for exercise is really important. You may not feel like you even have the time to leave your desk but even allowing time for a short burst of exercise, a quick walk or run outdoors will make all the difference. Exercise releases endorphins which make us feel happy, the happier we feel the easier it is to concentrate and study. If you find yourself having a day where nothing seems to be going right, try a short yoga session, there are so many videos available on YouTube. Light a candle, play some relaxing music, focus on your breathing and feel yourself unwind. This is also a great habit to get into when your mind is still racing after a day of study.

Eat Smart: It can be so easy to reach for quick options when exams are looming on the horizon. Reaching for processed foods and snacks may give you an immediate boost or sugar rush, but the crash afterwards will leave you feeling lethargic and demotivated. Swap the sugary snacks for a balanced diet full of green vegetables, nuts and fruits  and eat little and often during the day to keep your energy levels up.

The Z factor: Sleep is so important! All-nighters and studying into the small hours of the morning may make you feel as though you are achieving more but the reality is that if you are sleep deprived you will not be able to concentrate properly. You should try and aim to get 8 hours sleep a night.

Deep Breaths: If you feel your stress levels rising, try to relax your shoulders and take a few slow, deep breaths to calm yourself. Take a moment for yourself before you go into your exam. Try to stay as relaxed as possible and enjoy some quiet time to yourself. Feeling nervous is completely normal but sometimes stepping back and not talking to others before entering the exam hall can really benefit keeping your mind clear. Likewise, when you finish an exam try not to get caught up comparing answers with friends as this can lead to feelings of worry and doubt. Instead, leave the exam behind you and try to focus on the next one. Sometimes, something as simple as packing up notes can be really encouraging and leave you feeling like you have really achieved something!

Be proud: Remember to be kind to yourself and proud of all the work that you have put in.