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The Ultimate Gift Guide for Dads Dealing with Big Life Events

Gift ideas for dads can be tricky to buy when you're trying to come up with original and thoughtful ideas time after time. Presents aren't the only way to show your love and appreciation for a father figure, they can be a great way to express just how well you know them. Whatever the big life event, we have you covered with an eclectic range of gift ideas for all types of fathers out there.

New dads

Becoming a new dad is a huge life event, be it your first child or your fifth. It is also a difficult time, full of unknown questions and very little sleep. Perhaps the best advice is to expect the unexpected. Here are a few top tips and some inspiration for gifts for new dads:

  • You’ll be swept up in all the changes going on, but don’t forget to enjoy all the little moments
  • You don’t need to buy everything out there for a new-born
  • Bonding isn’t necessarily instantaneous
  • No matter how challenging it can be, it’s worth it

When it comes to buying a gift for a new dad, it is important to choose a present that celebrates this joyous moment.

  • Top Gift - Personalised keyring – a personalised gift is a lovely touch for a new father and there are so many out there, we particularly like this keyring sold on Etsy, it’s handmade in the UK made with aluminium and hand-stamped with your child’s name and a personal message, making this gift entirely unique.
  • A Camera – a proud new dad will have thousands of lovely moments to capture with their new-born, so why not give them the gift of capturing those memories forever
  • New Dads Survival Guide – there are plenty of them out there, all full of handy tips and tricks regarding transitioning into a bigger family
  • Matching father and baby t-shirt gift set – twinning is winning after all
  • Coffee gifts – this could come in any shape or form, from a new cafetiere to a coffee subscription kit, whatever it is, they will thank you later

Dads who want to sleep better

Whether you’ve just had a new baby, or perhaps something at work is keeping you awake, we all know the frustration of not being able to sleep well. We have been told time and time again about the importance of a good night’s sleep for our health and mental wellbeing, but we don’t always know how to sleep better. Practising good sleep hygiene is a great way to ensure a better night’s sleep. Remember –

  • Be consistent
  • Go to bed and wake up at the same time (even weekends – sorry)
  • Ensure your bedroom is a safe space, quiet, dark and a cool comfortable temperature.

Receiving a gift to aid your sleep is not only a practical gift but also extremely thoughtful, so no matter what your budget we have the gift for you.

  • Top GiftPhilips Somneo Sleep & Wake-Up Light, definitely on the pricey side, but this light is designed to help you relax and wake up refreshed. With light-guided breathing and personalised sun settings, this could be the perfect gift for your sleepless dad.
  • Memory foam pillows - offer strong support and shapes perfectly to the neck and shoulders within minutes of lying down, which is why it makes a great gift choice for someone struggling to sleep. They’re hard-wearing, long-lasting and easy to maintain.
  • Nature inspired products – for those who prefer a more natural approach to tackle sleepless nights, there are a plethora of options out there from aromatherapy pillow sprays to herbal tinctures and pills.
  • Weighted Blanket – using the notion of intense touch pressure, a weighted blanket provides a sensation akin to being hugged. The sensation stimulates serotonin production in your body whilst you try to drift off to sleep, thus making you feel more relaxed.
  • Silk sleep mask – for some, light exposure is a key contributor towards their lack of sleep. A silk eye mask is breathable, kind on the skin and look rather good too.

Working dads

Being a dad is a constant juggling act between work and home life. Perhaps he’s just had a big promotion at work or bought his first house, we all know some stressed dads. If you sense a dad in need of some stress relief, here are our selection of gifts for dads who need that extra bit of TLC.

  • Top gift – Essential Oil Diffuser, essential oils have long been associated with relaxing routines, so why not incorporate this into a gift? We love this NEOM Wellbeing Pod Essential Oil Diffuser. Works at the touch of a button, and you can add it to your relaxation routine and be inspired to have a more positive mood or to your bedtime routine and wake up refreshed.
  • Memory book – sometimes we all need a gentle reminder to stop and be in the moment. A lovely way to unwind is through having your own memory book. Fill it will birth dates, special memories and the story of your life, to use as a reflective tool monitoring how far you have come.
  • Massage ball roller – whilst we can’t always justify going for a massage, an easy and cost-effective trick is to use massage ball rollers. By placing them under your back and rolling them between your shoulder blades, they encourage the blood and oxygen flow to the muscles thus easing some of your tension and stress.
  • A box of his favourite snacks – there’s nothing quite like a gift specifically tailored to you. So if you want to give some food gifts, why not put together a nice box of all his favourite snacks to fuel him throughout the working day.
  • A subscription to a guided meditation service - there are lots out there such as Headspace, Calm, Stop, Breathe & Think and more.

Sporty dads and outdoorsy dads

Whilst this year has undoubtedly compromised several of our sporting outdoor activities, it certainly hasn’t stopped the enthusiasm for outdoor activities amongst many of the dads you know. You might know a dad preparing for a marathon, or about to take on the three peaks challenge, whatever the scenario we have got you covered to find the perfect gift.

  • Top gift - Camping hammock – for those dads who love the outdoors and have missed their camping holidays this year, why not treat them to the gift of sleeping in style, with a portable camping hammock. We love this one from John Lewis, and whilst it may be on the pricier side you can’t put a price on comfort.
  • Massage guns – when stretching doesn’t quite cut it, a massage gun is the perfect gift for a dad who loves exercising, to help ease muscle tension and speed up recovery time.
  • Indoor Golf Putting Green Practice – for those who have a dad in their life who eat, sleeps and breathes golf, why not buy them their own mini golf putting green? There are plenty of models out there all varying in price.
  • Portable Campfire – for any outdoor enthusiast, an easy way to light their fire would surely be appreciated?
  • Steel water bottle – we all know how important it is to stay hydrated whilst we exercise and having a steel water bottle is eco-friendly, keeps your water cool and looks great on your desk.

DIY dads

Perhaps you know a dad who has just moved to a new house? Or taking on a big renovating project? Whatever the scenario, there are some great gifts out there from DIY gifts to garden gifts for the dad in your life who you know will make good use of them.

  • Top giftfork and trowel gardeners cufflinks - If your dad is a total green thumb, then what better than some gardening themed cufflinks to wear at any special occasion
  • Pen knife – an oldie but a goodie, the perfect gift for any handyman dad on the go
  • Personalised hammer – if your dad constantly is putting up new shelves, then what could be better than a personalised gift in the form of a hammer. Lots of small brands make them, so make sure you support a local business!
  • Build your own bird box – exactly as it sounds – the perfect gift for a father who loves DIY and is passionate about encouraging more wildlife in his garden
  • Leather tool belt – not only incredibly useful but looks pretty good too! Great for any dad always fixing bits and bobs around the house.