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Family games: kids and adults friendly

Summer is finally here (woohoo) yet when it comes to entertaining the family, you might already feel like you’re up the creek without a paddle. But fear not, we are here to help you! We’ve compiled a list of the RESCUE® team’s top family game ideas that are sure to keep your little ones busy, and you might even enjoy them too!

Fun Family Games:

When it comes to finding family games everyone can play (no matter their age or mobility), look no further than the below –

  • Card games

While card games like Snap are loved by everyone both young and old, they can also play an important role in a child’s development. This includes developing a child’s motor, cognitive and emotional skills. Playing a quick round can improve your child’s dexterity and eye-hand coordination. And they can help your child to learn other skills such as memorising and developing thinking strategies. For older children, learning to shuffle cards helps to develop their bilateral coordination of the hands and control across the palms. Other popular card games include Go Fish and Rummy.

  • Word games

The beauty of word games (such as I Spy) is that they are highly portable and can be played anywhere at anytime. For children, word games help to increase their knowledge and vocabulary. They also provide great exercise for young minds. Word games activate parts of a child’s brain that deal with language and word finding. As well as increasing the number of words they know, word games can also help to reinforce the spelling of words in their minds.

Outdoor and backyard family games:

During the warmer months, we all like to make the most of the vitamin D, so why not get involved with some games that take place outside

  • Tug of War –

How to – start by putting a line of tape around the centre of your rope. If you have more than two players, divide the teams into an even number. Try to split up the teams so that there is an equal amount of weight on each side.

  1. When the referee gives the signal, the players may begin tugging the rope
  2. Each player pulls backwards their side as hard as they can
  3. The teams continue pulling until the centre of the rope crosses where the referee is standing
  4. The game ends when the referee declares one team has successfully pulled the rope past the centre
  • Bocce Ball

How to - players must divide into two teams.  Each team gets four bocce balls. Points are scored by having your team’s bocce balls closer to the jack than your opponent’s bocce balls.

  1. The game begins with a player throwing the jack.
  2. The jack is the target for players when throwing their bocce balls.
  3. The player that threw the jack will throw the first bocce ball. 
  4. After the first bocce ball is thrown, the opposing team will throw a bocce ball.  The two teams will continue to alternate throwing bocce balls until all have been thrown
  5. Once all the bocce balls have been thrown, the round is over 
  • Capture the flag

How to Play

  1. In summary -each team must try to take the other team’s flag and return across the centre line without being tagged
  2. Whilst defending the flag zone, the defender must be at least two metres from the zone boundaries
  3. If a player is tagged while on their opponent’s side, they must go to the holding zone on their opponent’s side
  4. If a player who has stolen the flag is tagged, the flag is returned to the flag zone
  5. A player can be freed from the holding zone when a teammate crosses the centre line and tags the player; both players then receive a free walk back to their side
  6. A player can only free one teammate at a time.

DIY family games:

Replicating infamous carnival games can be a joyous way to keep the family entertained. Inexpensively replicated, they are a win and fun for all.

  • Water Coin Drop

Begin by placing a glass on the bottom of a large empty bucket. Fill the glass with water and then fill the bucket full of water.

To play, participants must attempt to drop a coin in the water, aiming to fall into the glass. If the coin lands inside the glass, they win.

  • Bobbing for Apples

Start by hanging some apples from your washing line. The aim of the game is simple, the winner is the person that gets a bite out of their apple first. However, this must be done whilst keeping their hands firmly behind their back. This is perfect for smaller children who are working on their coordination skills. For older children, make it more challenging by blindfolding them.

  • Find the Ball

This one is as simple as it sounds. All you need are three plastic cups and a small ball. Start by revealing the small ball to your player, then pop it under a cup. Continuously move the cups around, until you’ve made the game enough of a challenge. The player must then try to work out which cup has the ball underneath it.

Family reunion:  

For families up and down the country, this summer might well mark the first time together for a very long time. Make the most of this family reunion, by getting involved with some activities your little ones are bound to love -

  • Scavenger hunt at home

Give your children a chance to run riot around the house and arrange a scavenger hunt. It’s up to you what needs to be hunted, it could be ‘three things that Grandma loves’, or ‘three things that are from France’ or maybe ‘three things Daddy loves to eat’. Set a timer for all the things to be found and judge the winners at the end

  • Twister Game

Twister is a truly iconic game. To start, the referee spins the spinner, and must call out the body part and the colour that the arrow has pointed to. For example, the referee may call out: "Right hand, red." All players, at the same time, must then try to follow the referee's directions as explained below. Never remove your hand or foot from a circle unless you're directed to by the referee after a spin. You’d be surprised how quickly this game becomes a test of balance.