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Three tips for maintaining your relationships

When life gets in the way, it’s easy for us to become so consumed by what’s going on that we end up neglecting relationships that mean a lot to us. Here are 3 ways to nurture personal connections with those that matter most.

Handwritten letters

There’s a little bit of magic in the permanence of receiving a handwritten letter or note; the thoughtfulness really shows you care. It’s also a wonderful surprise for the recipient and your letter or note might be something they’ll treasure for years. When we choose to put pen to paper, we’re giving but not expecting to receive. That’s what’s so lovely about letter writing –it’s an altruistic act.

You don’t need to write pages and pages of words either. You could show someone your appreciation simply by leaving a thank you note. If you know someone could do with a little encouragement, inspiration or a pat on the back — saying it with written words will mean so much more.


We  know  it  might  not  be  easy  to  find  the  time  to  hand write  a  letter,  and  technology  can certainly help to make it really easy to keep in touch with friends and family these days. Here are a couple of simple ways to reach out for a quick chat:

  • Text message or WhatsApp are brilliant to keep in touch throughout a longer period of time, to send pictures, videos and emoji-laden notes. One quick message can put a smile on someone’s face for the rest of the day!
  • Sometimes, only seeing someone’s face will do, and Facetime, Skype or video calls are here to help. They can make long-distance relationships a little easier.

Send a care package

The main reasoning behind sending a care package is to let people that are special to us know that we’re thinking of them. A few bits to include in a care package are:

  • herbal teas
  • wellbeing or goal setting journals
  • aromatherapy treats
  • chocolate
  • books
  • gift vouchers
  • comfort blankets

The trick is to think about what your recipient would really appreciate right now.

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