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7 Step Achievement Plan for 2020

Only 5% of people who set New Year Resolutions are successful in maintaining them – that’s a whopping 95% failure rate. This is because most people don’t understand the steps you must follow to achieve sustainable long-term results and as a result never get to the starting block.We have put together a plan that will guide through the process – giving you the perfect way to create the momentum that will compel you to continue on the path to a phenomenal year filled with success, achievement and fulfilment! 

First Step: Be Clear

First, you must clarify where you really are now. . . grab a pen!

1. What did you love in 2019?

a. What were your Magic Moments? When were you larger than life? When did you surprise yourself? What did you achieve that was truly Outstanding and Extraordinary?

b. What were your accomplishments in 2019?

c. What are some of the things from 2019 that you wish to replicate in 2020?

2. What did you hate about 2019?

a. What did you find challenging in 2019?

b. What things that happened in 2019 do you wish to avoid happening in 2020, or ever again?
c. What learning did you gain by going through these experiences? Why was this learning experience incredibly valuable to you?

3. What decisions did you make in 2019 that empowered you?

a. What were the most important decisions that you made this year?

b. What decision will you make in 2020 as a result?

Second Step: Be Certain

Now we know where you are, it’s time to create the certainty that you have the ability to turn your dreams into reality.

1. Make a list of anything in your life that was once merely a dream, goal, wish or desire. Think of some of the massive things and even some of the smaller ambitions that at one time seemed difficult or even completely impossible yet you somehow managed to achieve, attain or acquire.

2. Mark three items from the above list that were the most difficult for you to achieve.

3. For the three items you marked, write down what process you went through to turn each one of them into reality. It was probably not a conscious act, however there is a good possibility something made you desire it so much it became a fantastic obsession for you. At this point did you find that you were continuously focused on it? Put a lot of emotional charge into it? Then what? Did you actually create a plan? What were the steps you followed?

Third Step: Be Excited

Now that you have identified and clarified where it is that you have been, and you are certain about your ability to make your goals, dreams and desires come true, it is time to decide where you want to go….

1. In an optimal state of awareness (jump around, dance, anything to get the blood flowing to your head), list every goal you would like to accomplish in the next 20 years. Ensure that you include ANYTHING you want to do, be, share, create, have and give. Consider physical goals, career goals, financial goals, personal development goals, relationship goals, contribution goals —anything you would like to learn, enjoy, experience, achieve or do. No matter how ridiculous, unrealistic or outrageous it may seem, this is your chance to dream without limits. Be sure to keep your pen moving as fast as possible!

2. When you are done, review your list and next to each goal, write down the number of years you would like it to take (or believe it will take) to achieve your goal (write 1 year, 2-3 years, 5 years, 10 years or 20 years).

Fourth Step: Be Focused

1. From your list of goals (from the Third Step), mark your top four goals that you believe will take one year to achieve. Out of your entire list, what do you want most? What are the top four goals that, if you could achieve them this year, would you get up at the crack of dawn and keep you burning the midnight oil with excitement?

Fifth Step: Be Committed

1. Think of your top four one- year goals, devise a statement (a few sentences) about why they are “MUST DO’S” for you to reach them. For what reason will you achieve this no matter what? Remember, reasons come first, answers come second! What makes you want to do this?

2. Think of some of the things that you may be required to do that you don’t particularly want to do in order to achieve these goals? If you have enough passion, you can get yourself to do anything! But first you must be certain about what “anything” might entail. Let us face up to our fears and look the beast in the eye!

Sixth Step: Be Driven

IMPERATIVE! Never leave the goal setting moment without taking action towards its achievement. You must take massive immediate action. It’s the first step of your journey...

1. Decide NOW: What some SMALL things that you will do immediately toward achieving one of your top goals (e.g., making a phone call, booking a meeting, getting on the internet to research, signing up for a seminar, getting a coach, contacting The Stress Management Society for advice, support or training)?
2. What BIG things do you resolve to do immediately to achieve this goal (e.g., making a decision, throwing out all the unhealthy food in your house right now, giving something away, etc.)?

Seventh Step: Be Smart

To ensure you follow through, you have to get smart and measure yourself consistently. Remember, most people set some form of New Year’s goals, yet have no plan or direction, take no action, and then measure again next New Year’s! The more you measure something, the better it gets. You must resolve now to measure your specific progress daily, or at least weekly.

How will you measure your progress (find a mentor or coach, keep a diary, announce your plans on your blog/site/channel for maximum accountability, then blog about your progress or record a progress video to upload).

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