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Unique Ways To Spend Time With Your Loved Ones

Spending regular time with your loved ones is important for many reasons –it’s enjoyable, refreshing and can help maintain happiness. But instead of just parking off in front of a movie together, here are a few ideas to inspire some healthy bonding time with your favourite people.

Cook together

You have to eat so why not make it into something fun to do together? Choose a meal, ask them to bring along a few of the ingredients and cook up a storm. Then enjoy your culinary prowess while catching up on each other’s lives.

Start a book club

Here’s a ‘novel’ idea: a random book challenge. Curate a list of books and get everyone in your family or friendship group to vote on one you can read together. You could either do read-aloud sessions at meals, or simply read different sections in your own time and chat about them when you are together. 

Create a scrapbook

Going through old photographs and memory tokens can be a lot of fun. Favourite stories get re-told and new ones crop up. It’s a wonderful way to remember and get to know each other better. Get some snacks and gather a box of photographs, concert tickets, souvenirs, notes and birthday cards. Stick them in a scrapbook, writing down the stories and memories that you want to cherish. 

Learn something new

Doing new things with your friends and family is a great way to get you all out of your comfort zone. Make a list of things you’ve always wanted to try and then pick one out of a hat and give it ago as a team.

Overcome a fear or obstacle 

Facing a fear can be overwhelming and feeling nervous makes it worse. Having a friend or family member alongside you can make it much more bearable and can have the added benefit of strengthening your bond.

Create a new tradition

Sunday roasts at your local pub, Christmas day present opening, birthday pancakes... there’s nothing better than a good tradition. Except maybe a new tradition. Have a chat with your friends or family about some things you love –pizza Fridays or once-a-month local park runs or hikes –and make them into your own traditions. It will be something only you share, which can make them even more special.

Start a new journey together

Travelling together is an entertaining way to spend uninterrupted time with your loved ones. You can either start small with a short weekend break somewhere you all haven’t been before or take the plunge and head off for a long exotic break.