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The Joy Of Spending Time Alone

Space to contemplate, rest and sort through our thoughts is essential in our quest to be our best selves. The idea of taking time out can sound a bit selfish or even dull but armed with a list of ways to embrace it and a little bit of planning; you’ll soon be reaping the benefits.  We asked our team for their favourite ways to spend time alone and here’s what they had to say:

Take a short break

Does the idea of a weekend on your own sound like a dream? Why not head to the coast, or hop on the next train to a city you’ve never visited before? Solo is a unique way to enjoy your own space.

Quiet reflection

If you are not ready to leap into a weekend away, start small –with a few minutes of silence a day. Pick a time, turn off other distractions and aim to spend five minutes just enjoying the peace and quiet. Just a short stint of focused alone time will leave you feeling refreshed.  

Discover the best coffee shops

Spending time alone in a coffee shop means you get the buzz of being surrounded by other people without having to interact with anyone. Cities are bursting at the seams with great cafes, so write a list of a couple you’d like to visit and start working your way through them.

Do an activity in your local park

Found yourself with a few hours to spare? Pack up a book, magazine or download series on your phone and head to your local park. Or go for a long, refreshing bike ride. There’s nothing better than time spent outdoors.

Visit a museum

Museums are the perfect place for quiet wandering and silent reflection. Many of them do talks or guided tours, which you can join for free. So, you’ll learn something new too. 

Hit the cinema 

Ever thought about taking yourself on a date to the cinema? If you’re easing into spending more time alone, this is a great way to do it. You’ll get engrossed in the film, and you don’t have to share your popcorn with anyone.

Learn something new 

Mastering a new skill is a great way to embrace some space. You could try taking a calligraphy or pottery class, or if you want to be outdoors, hiking with an interesting podcast.

Have a wellness day at home

Believe it or not, but solitude is an essential act of self-care. A great way to indulge that is to treat yourself to a day at home, doing things that will make you feel rested or productive. It can involve yoga, a hot bath, new book and a long, lingering cup of tea, or decluttering your surfaces to create physical and mental breathing space. It’s up to you.

Wander through a market

Just like the buzz of the coffee shop, a market is a wonderful place to get lost in a crowd for an hour or two. Take your pick from flower, food and antique markets; there are so many delightful options awaiting you.