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Four Of The Best Mindfulness Apps

In today’s fast-paced world, many apps fuse technology with traditional meditation techniques. So, if you have 5 minutes or an hour spare, these mindfulness apps can introduce you to, or continue you on your journey.

The benefits of meditation

Whether you prefer body scanning or guided sessions, the benefits of meditation are vast. It can help you clear your thoughts and be more aware of yourself and your surroundings. There’s also practices that can help to improve sleep or reduce worry. 

Here at Rescue Remedies, we’ve been practicing our deep breathing, guided meditation and finding our Zen in the pursuit for the best meditation app.

Android/ iOS

Headspace offers a full library of content including meditations in both Series and Singles. The Series consists of packs, broken down into sessions, on topics such as health, relationships, overcoming obstacles and performance. Singles are stand-alone sessions and look at topics such as sleeping, fear of flying or commuting.

A selection of colourful animations guide most meditations, and you’ll even be able to track your own progress, as the app offers you stats on session completion and time spent meditating.

Headspace is an excellent app for getting straight to the point -no music, no nature scenery or any other gimmicks, just practical meditation sessions.

Android/ iOS

Unlike other meditation apps, Calm offers you the option to do guided or unguided meditations. For beginners, there’s several voice-led programs that span over a week, to help you find your feet. There’s also a selection of Daily Calm sessions which offer you masterclasses on things such as choice, resilience, gratitude and letting go.

Once you’ve completed a meditation session, a calendar pops up to show you your progress and how many times you’ve meditate during the week, or month, so you can make sure you’re on track. 

Android/ iOS

The social network for meditation, InsightTimer shows you how many other users are meditating at the same time as you. It’s very interactive, and you can invite your friends to join you on the app or discuss mindfulness in the groups. 

Aside from the social element, there are many free meditations guided by professional teachers, which appeal to nearly any mood or whim. These include body scans, introductions to meditation, plus sessions on topics such as managing stress or sleep effectiveness. 

You can also track your progress, which is perfect if you’re partial to setting goals. The app even gives you options to set personal milestones and tick them off once you’ve achieved them.

The Mindfulness App
Android/ iOS

The Mindfulness App offers a helping hand towards increasing mindfulness and improving life satisfaction. It starts with five days of guided meditations, that are perfect if you’re new to meditation, or not sure what type of meditation works best for you. 

Unlike other mindfulness apps, you can also create a personalised ‘Timed Session’, where you get to choose the length of session, the voice who guides it and even the background music. The personalisation goes even further, with the ‘My Profile’ section,giving you an overview of weekly meditation practices, total and average time meditating, number of sessions and number of courses.