Commuting Tips

Do you commute to work? Is your commute over 60  minutes long? If so, then you could be setting yourself up for a more stressful day before you even arrive at your desk! 
According to a 2014 survey Measuring National Well-being, Commuting and Personal Well-being(i): 


"commuters have lower life satisfaction, a lower sense that their daily activities are worthwhile, lower levels of happiness and higher anxiety on average than non-commuters"

Those worst affected were people with a commute between 61 and 90 minutes long, and taking a bus or coach journey over 30 minutes long had the biggest negative impact on well-being. 
We can’t all have the luxury of living close to work, so what can be done to improve your commute, making it into a productive part of the day rather than a frustrating waste of time?
Here are our best commuter hacks to improve your journey and arrive at work feeling calm and relaxed. 

1. Take a book

Immerse yourself in another world or expand your horizons by taking a book with you on your commute. This will help you to pass the time as well as deepening your knowledge of the world. And if you drive to work you needn't miss out, why not try an audio book to keep you entertained on your journey?

2. Listen to music or podcasts

There are so many free podcasts available nowadays that you will be spoilt for choice. Use your commuting time to brush up on current affairs, learn a new language or binge on an exciting audio series.

3. Life admin

If you are using public transport, make the most of your commute by catching up on life admin such as buying presents or planning what to cook for dinner.

4. Be social

If you're sitting on a crowded train, chatting on the phone might not be an option, but you can use your daily commute to catch up with family and friends over text, WhatsApp or email without disturbing your fellow passengers. 

5. Get outside

Why not get off the tube or bus a stop earlier and walk into work or home? Discover hidden gems by getting to know your local area or simply enjoy the benefits of being more active on a daily basis.

6. Relax

You can also use your commute to relax and unwind. Apps like Headspace (link) can give you a moment of mindfulness, improve your commute, and let you arrive at work or home more relaxed, refreshed and ready to go.

7. Breathing

If you feel yourself getting tense, focus on your breathing to keep you present in the moment. Breathe in for four counts and hold for two, breath out for four counts and hold for two. Repeat for 10 rounds until you feel calmer, or try some of our favourite breathing exercises for better commute health.

8. Take a moment out for yourself with RESCUE® Pastilles

Keep RESCUE Pastilles in your handbag or pocket as they are ideal for carrying with you on your way to work. Even British supermodel, Naomi Campbell keeps RESCUE Pastilles in her handbag. Try our RESCUE Blackcurrant Pastilles while relaxing with some of our breathing tips to take a moment out for yourself.