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Restfulness Tips

After a busy and demanding day, it can be hard sometimes to “switch off” when you get home. Staying connected to work or social media via our smartphones means we’re living in a state of constant alert which can result in a night of poor sleep.

It’s important to consider what you’re doing in the lead up to light’s off and establish a restfulness routine to ensure your body and mind are ready for bed. To help, we’ve enlisted the help of some experts to share their tips on creating a great restfulness routine.

Yoga instructor Adam Hustler shares his tips on how to wind down and stretch out tired muscles. Without realising it, a lot of us spend a large proportion of the day hunched over computers and phones which cause spinal flexion. To stretch out our muscles we need to spend some time doing the opposition; spinal extension.  

Libby Limon, our nutritionist, believes optimal health comes through adopting a diet and lifestyle that fits around you.  To aid restfulness, an eating regime which includes eating balanced meals throughout the day, avoiding sugar and refined carbs as well as keeping an eye on caffeine intake will help you feel more relaxed in the evening.

Sommer Pyne, an influential interior designer and founder of house curious, suggests creating a relaxing space in the bedroom for a restful evening. Removing phones, laptops and TV’s from the room will help create a peaceful space but this can also be complimented with appropriate colours and furnishings.