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6 Sleeping Tips to Help You Wake Refreshed and Ready

Did you know that a normal amount of sleep per night for an adult is typically 7-9 hours?

Sleep is vital for survival; it helps us process information, reinforce memories and maintain our bodies, helping us function day to day.

Getting enough sleep is essential for good emotional, mental and physical health. Sleeplessness can cause issues such as poor concentration and a lack of energy, and is both a cause and symptom of stress. Try these sleep tips to help you wake refreshed and ready for your busy day. 

1. Sleep environment 

The bedroom should be clean, peaceful and welcoming, and not too hot or cold.

2. Lights out

Make sure the bedroom is as dark as possible. Plus, avoid looking at screens ahead of going to bed, as the blue light disrupts melatonin (the sleep hormone) levels and keeps you wakeful.

3. Cut down on stress

Stress is the most common cause of sleeplessness.

• Try to avoid stimulates such as caffeine
• Switch to foods rich in B vitamins and other vitamins and minerals such as nuts and seeds instead of reaching for sugary snacks
• Just breathe – practice some breathing exercises. Some mindfulness apps are available for phones and tablets and could help boost positivity.

4. Consistent sleep routine

Stick to a regular bedtime routine and sleeping pattern.

5. Avoid stimulants before bed

Avoid consuming stimulants before going to bed as these can disrupt sleep cycles.

6. Careful exercise

Don’t overdo exercise or exercise too close to bedtime. Yoga and moderate aerobic exercise, such as walking, could help sleep.